About Us

HYDROGROW is an innovative Smart Agriculture technology company. We are focused on leveraging our proprietary AI in our Illumination products to benefit the modern agriculture industry with Smart Management. This will amount to considerable Land and Energy savings.

We provide our clients with a user-friendly, professionally engineered solution. This will include the Grow Lighting system, Management Software, and IOT Terminal solutions.

We understand that every operation has different needs. We provide full consultation support in product research, from design to production, to ensure you build your ideal custom solution.

Hydrogrow is a strategic partner authorized by Samsung and product quality is absolutely guaranteed. The number of White-based Full Spectrum diodes accounts for more than 90% of a LED, choosing a high-quality, reliable white LED is crucial for planting high-performance products. After trials of research and testing, we have found that Samsung’s white-based full spectrum diodes are best suited for plant cultivation in the grow light market.

Our core teams have 15 years of engineering and production experience. Our proprietary patented technologies are recognized globally and used by our fiercely loyal customer base.

Welcome to the future of Horticultural Science + Engineering. Our technology will guarantee you continue to shift effortlessly.