Integrated Power Supply System

The Hydrogrow Integrated Power Supply System has a small volume, super reliability, 98% high efficiency, intelligent energy management, can achieve remote energy management and monitoring functions, which is an industry-leading DSP centralized digital power technology (with appearance and invention patents).

Intelligent Monitoring

The Hydrogrow Integrated Power system can group large-scale LED and HPS fixtures and achieve batch operation, after the grouping it can independently control the power of each fixtures power and brightness, can collect the environment temperature, shows the power of each fixture’s voltage, and the specific working hours, etc. In the batch operation at the same time, it can also meet the single fault identification (if there is any problem can find the specific fixture fault).

Energy Conservation and Reduce Costs

The maximum power of the Power Supply system is 15KW, which can be adjusted according to the actual power of LED and HPS fixtures connected to save energy. The Hydrogrow Integrated Power Supply System has a small volume and a slight weight, which can greatly reduce transportation costs. The power system help the LED fixtures to remove their drivers and protect the fixtures from heat caused by power supply operation, which will make fixtures a longer lifetime. The power supply can reduce energy loss in the process of using electricity.


Model No. Ai DSP digital power integrated system
Dimensions [ L*W*H ] 51cm*41cm*15cm
Weight 13kg
Output power 15KW
Input voltage L1, L2, L3 347V/400V/480V
Output current 0-37.5A
Ripple (peak-to-peak value) ≤±0.5%Vo
Total number of LED fixtures per controller LED 600W: 22PCS, LED 1000W : 15PCS
Temperature 0-35℃
Operating humidity [ non-condensing ] <80%

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