HPS DE 1000W/ SE 600W

The 1000W double ended lamp is the most efficient HPS lamp in the market. Hydrogrow keeps the electronics cool, significantly reducing the possibility of faults and extending its operating life. In independent tests, the fixture came out as the coolest. To distribute the light, we offer the choice of three different reflectors, all of which deliver unprecedented uniformity of light. Double ended 1000W and Single ended 600W HPS fixtures are avaible.

Guarantee of Light Efficiency

The Hydrogrow HPS grow lighting is easy to hang with equipped hook with the fixture. Just hang it on the crossing beam.

Proven Effeciency and Quality

The Hydrogrow HPS grow lighting is widely used in Russian, European and North American market and proven high effeciency and premium quality.


Recommend to use in growing tents / indoor/ greenhouse planting. Hydrogrow HLEDTLR could fit ballast.

Greenhouse for Flower

Greenhouse for Rose 


Model No. SE 600W HPS DE 1000W HPS
PPF 1085 μmol/s 2100 μmol/s
Input Voltage 208V 240V 277V 347V 380V 400V 480V 208V 240V 277V 347V 380V 400V 480V
Input Current 1.6A 1.3A 2.6A 2.5A
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Input Power 600W±3% 1000W±5%
Fixture Dimensions (L*W*H) 480mm*260mm*195mm/ 19″*10.2″*7.8″ 558mm*237mm*191mm/ 22″*9.7″*7.8″
Weight 4.5kg 6.5 kg
Temperature Ambient 32°F-104°F/0°C-40°C 32°F-104°F/0°C-40°C
Total Harmonic Distortion ≤10% ≤10%
Ignition Voltage >3KV >3KV
Relative Humidity <70% <70% (not condensation)
Power Factor ≥0.97 ≥0.97
Warranty 3-year warranty 3-year warranty
Certification UL, CE UL, CE

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